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With this program is easy enough to take your photo select it face after superimpose your face on another photo in order to simply have fun especially good for the friends when he sees his face like body cosmonaut an example is given in the full news on  screenshot there you will be able to download Face Off Max.  To work in the application is quite simple you need to first select the desired picture with the person after you can use templates or bodies again to choose their own substitute person to edit some important parameters you can add effects then it is necessary to save the result.

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Face Off Max has a sleek interface except that you probably know that I do not like the program where you can not change the main window this is one of them why so developers do I do not understand but it certainly is not a significant disadvantage but still be aware of  it.  Russian interface is not therefore may be a problem for some users although in fact there is nothing to understand but as I read comments on our project and see that some have to translate a word Etpu Start I think difficulties can still arise.

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Of course the developers praising Face Off Max they write that this is the best program of its kind is meant not a comparison with Photoshop where skillful hands can do everything perfectly but with the programs where like this in a couple of clicks you can change a person.  True or not of course be able to check only you write about your opinion in the comments.  Once you make a picture Face Off Max will ask you to place it on a social network FaceBook you can also share templates bodies individuals and so on with the people you know the way it is convenient because someone can be more creative you.  In general the program is suitable for creating greeting cards to send letters by mail just to create a hilarious avatar anywhere in general I do not get tired to hope that the program on our website including Face Off Max will be useful.

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License ShareWare
Language English
Size 22.74 MB
All OS Windows Supported

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Face Off Max Serial Key (Full Free + Crack Keygen) 100% Work